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Mohamed Kahouadji is a 33 year old artist born in Algiers (Algeria) and currently living and working in Saint Nazaire (France) after studying medecine (maxillo facial surgery).  Kahouadji begin painting from the age of 11, starting with graffitti to what  he now describes as "a kind of pop surrealism with a touch of post impressionism... Or a kind of under realism... " We asked Kahoudji about his art and what he sees when he looks in the mirror?

I see a man who is eating too much pancakes

Tell us about "Alpha Beta Gaga", with visuals of heart, ice cream, chimpanzee, gun... what influenced its creation?

Well lot of things: Pulp fiction, planet of the apes, Andy Warhol banana for the Velvet Underground, advertising, Manga like City Hunter and Dragonball.

What five toppings would you have on a pizza?

I love pizza, my top five is : tomatoes, mozzarella, artichoke, eggplant, and eggs

You have said that your work oscillates between humor and irony, do you use animals in your work as a way of discussing the responsibility, morality and ethical relationship with the natural world?

Not really , it's a kind of "allegory", like the french poet Jean De La Fontaine

Is painting a way to escape for you? set free your thoughts?

Painting is like a paresthesia for me. Something like an hallucination full of colours.

Your work is very vivid, how important is colour to you?

Colour is the key for me. It's like salt and pepper when you're cooking, hard to do without it

Your favourite building?

Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

How has your aesthetic evolved over time?

I try to change and evolve my work constantly. I don't like main stream, I prefer out of the norm.

What does the future hold for you, what plans in 2012?

Lot of exhibitions and performances in France ...

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As featured in Unfolded Magazine Issue 08


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