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Erasmo Daaz 

Interview by Nardip Singh

We take a glimpse into the life and work of Erasmo Daaz, a multi-talented Artistic Painter, Bodypainter, Lightpainter, Photographer, President of Spanish Bodypainting Asociation and Member of the World Bodypainting Federation. 

Tell us how you started working with paint?

I was a regular canvas painter for the last ten years or so, working with my hands. Body painting was a natural transition as I looked for a new medium which used light and energy. I went to Austria, to the World Bodypainting festival, where I learnt a lot from the other artists. I also learnt through apprenticeships. I have been involved with this medium for three years now. I’ve tried to create my own unique spin on this art, creating a new form of body painting art using light. I think, in the future, a lot of people will be using such fluorescent and light reflective materials but that is very expensive.

How important is light in your recent works?

It is everything to me, light is like an inspiration. Not only the light but the reflection of it when you get another colour - it is my motivation. You need to keep that image in your head when painting.

Do you have a concept in your mind?

I have the colours and ideas in my head. I am not a drawer. I prefer to feel the energy when bodypainting and let my art take its form. You need a patient team, as sometimes it can take six hours to create a finished piece.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everywhere. The colours of night are beautiful, how light reflects and interacts with darkness - illuminating it with energy. I love surrealist art: Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel, Gaudi. Especially Dali I would say.

You haven't grown a moustache however?

No, I don't, but maybe in the future, you never know (laughs). I like to put hair on my head sometimes for a laugh though.

What would you describe energy as?

Even in this interview, I feel your energy. Energy is everything and I try to represent it in colours. It is the most creative aspect of me.
I prefer working and meeting people face to face. It helps me build rapport, visualise and interact. For example, if we had this
interview on Skype, I wouldn't be as open and descriptive.

Were you artistic when you were young?

I used to paint when I was young, but there was a large gap of maybe 15 years where I did little creative work. Ten years ago I woke up and have been on a creative rollercoaster ever since.
The last three years, in particular, have been very creative. In my family there are no artists, my parents don't understand my recent work, they have a more traditional view of art. I tell them, in art there is no right or wrong, time is not a factor. When you are in a creative moment you have to surrender to it.

In terms of choosing models and people for your work, do you have a set preference?

Not all models are ideal for bodypainting. I am not looking for very beautiful models but need models who want to represent my vision and makeup, expression is the key. For example, if you are painted gold, you need to feel you are gold. It's really difficult to get the right look. Sometimes I use regular people who will surprise me when they show more feeling than professional models. It's a collaboration to create art at the end of the day.

Could you describe the Yoga piece?  What does the colour purple represent?

It's about peace. Purple represents the karma, calmness and the lines are like feelings inside her.

What would the broken and continuous lines represent in Yoga?

They are like steps of energy, different levels of peace. There are continuous lines which go around the whole body, the energy lines if you like.

What do you plan to do in 2011? Any exhibitions?

I am trying to represent human beings from the future and am working on this current project with people. It may take several years to complete. I have exhibited in the past, but once the future project is complete, I will most likely have a large exhibition accompanied by live performances showcasing my works. Previous exhibitions can be viewed on my websites. Long-term, I hope to publish a book.

The Goddess of Loneliness (70x46), Madrid 2010
This belongs to a very complicated Goddess project we stated three years ago. To get the final composition, we used UV fluorescent lights, led technology, corporal painting, colourful lights and some other pictorial material. Light is the main medium and is also the soul of this work. The Goddess of Loneliness belongs to a temporal space without time and sound and this work was voted the best artistic bodypainting in the world in April 2010 by the World Bodypainting Federation. Model: Guiovanna Munoz; Photo: Riccardo Tenti; Body Lightpainting: Daaz.

The Black Panther, (70x46) Madrid 2010

This was very difficult but sophisticated work. We tried to get some contrast and textures with the help of light. On this empty and a temporal place, this Black Panther looks to you from the cold whiteness. We stopped time in heaven's light to take this photo. Model: Saray Fidalgo, Photo: Riccardo Tenti, Bodypainting: Daaz, Location: Estudio.
Slavery of Time (70x46) Malaga 2009

We made this work inside the most technological place inside our City, with live performances open to the public. We tried to represent modern society using a suitable public place which would work well with flash light. The model in this photograph represents the slave feelings found inside us when compared to technology. Black paint represents the void in our lives. She is looking for freedom, looking out to the crowd and beyond. Model: Lorena Blasphemia; Photo: Riccardo Tenti; Assistant: Virginia Romero; Bodypainting: Daaz; Location: Parque Tecnolologico.

The Goddess of Time (70x46)

Following the story of Goddess, we used green as a representation of the future. I visualised a moment in the future, painting the model and using white led lights to cascade splatters of light. Then time counts down again and we return to the past...this time with a futuristic work captured. Model: Camacho; Bodypainting, lightpainting and photography: Daaz.

The Black and Red Candle (70x46), December 2010
This was a live performance work, open to the public. Inside the open day of an exposition called LUX, we tried to show people, step by step, how we get the final photo art composition. We worked with candlelight and special glitters. It was very 
important to show the process to people, for me, as an artist. 
Exposition Lux in Alamso 38 gallery art pub, Malaga, Spain. 
Model: Arantxilla de la Cruz; Photo: Eloy Reyes; Body art painting: Daaz.
The New Angel "UV Action Light Painting session" (70x46)
We created this work with UV lights, fluorescent colours, LED lights and a painted background and tried to represent the energy within. This took almost 8 hours to complete. This new and futuristic angel shows her body and make visible, the 
spectrum of invisibility our eyes cannot see, energised by the powerful colours. Led lights show the way to the future and for us was a learning curve about lightpainting. With a little imagination, behind the model, you can see more than one angel in the work.
Model: Yanina Cupido: Riccardo Tenti, Bodypainting: Daaz
The Spirit of Winter (70x46) Murcia 2010
Another piece in the goddess series, the colours and energy of winter were the vision behind this, using special glitters and LED lights to create this work. I was particularly proud of this as I photographed it myself. I was trying to visualise the face of the winter. The LED lights I got from China, they are inexpensive to obtain but work very well when photographed.
Model: Rebecca Camachi, Bodypainting, lightpainting and photography: Daaz.
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