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Flying Solo Productions

We speak to directors Krishan Kainth and Rohan Midha, the dynamic duo behind the award winning production company

Tell us about how you started and the background of the team? 

Rohan: We have been a registered film production company for 19 months now. The idea of setting up a company came up after I left Sikh Channel, where I was working for almost a year. Krish rang me up and suggested with our knowledge of the industry and experience, we start our own company where we can specialise in Music Videos, Advertising, Short Films, Corporate productions and much more. As any business is, you have to build it up and it is a slow process but I don't think we could have asked for a better first year. 
Krish: We studied very similar fields at our uni's, we are old school friends who kept in touch and shared the same passion and drive for the creative media industry. The first project we worked on was actually for a uni project which went well and was aired on sky, from then on, we have always worked together and formed Flying Solo Productions. 

You work as a small team, does that help with creativity, do you bounce ideas of one another? 

Rohan: Yeah, I guess it does. Me and Krish will lock ourselves away for days and just throw ideas back and fourth till we come up with something that has the potential to win another award. Its all about being different. We have Graphic designers and animators that we work closely with as well
Krish: 100%. We have weird and wonderful personalities when in creative mode, we are often locked away in the studio brainstorming idea's, always trying to outdo ourselves. We are anything but normal in this sense. 

What software do you use, did you have an special training or mostly self-taught?

Rohan: I have been brought up using Final Cut Pro. I have touched on AVID and After Effects. I was taught editing at University, but that was on a basic level. I switched to AVID during my Masters but because I knew the interface quite well, I switched back to FCP and haven't really found another software that competes with it. I didn't learn a great deal at Uni, so a lot of the knowledge I have, Is all through trial and error. Its the best way to learn in my eyes.
Krish: I have been brought up on Apple Final Cut Pro, learning skills from both Uni and self training, the same goes for Adobe After Effects. Rohan has also used AVID but i think he's in Love with FCP, its his baby. 

Who came up with the name, does it have a special meaning?

Rohan: This is a question that every artist we work with asks. I came up with the name. The name actually came from a title of a song that I had on repeat for months. Its a name to me that means, 'there is no one else, to do what you want to do, show your creativity' It has a nice sound to it.

What one experience stands out from the rest?

Rohan: Pumbeeri!! To think of Flash Mobbing a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon is crazy. To actually pull it off is a feeling that you cant describe and winning that award for it, was the icing on the cake. Its an amazing feeling to know that you have entertained thousands of people all around the world and you got the credit that you deserve for it.
Krish: For me Its a toss up between shooting the video 'Pumbeeri' and receiving the 'BritAsia Best Video 2011' award for it. Running the 'stealth' operation of flash mobbing the Bullring at its busiest day of the week with over 100 dancers was definitely mind blowing, but I think walking up on that stage receiving the award was the most significant experience for me as it felt like a great reward for a year of complete dedication and hard work.

Winning a Brit Asia Music Award for best video is quite an achievement, what was the inspiration behind the video?

Krish:  I think the main inspiration comes from being able to achieve something outstanding on a huge scale to entertain the masses. You often see experimental artistry on the internet using human expression and I think that it provides such a rush for people to see. Pumbeeri has been viewed worldwide and to know that the Flash Mob has been emulated in other countries such as Malaysia and America, is definitely something special 
Rohan:  I've always wanted to do things differently. Most videos nowadays are lacking creativity in my eyes. Its easy to get cars, girls, and clubs in your videos and to tell you the truth, its outdated now. I started making videos so I can do the wacky crazy fun videos. They are the ones that stand out.

Are there people in particular you source for inspiration?

Rohan: Colin Tilley! His vision is out of this world.
Krish: I cant really say but know that I am like a sponge when it comes to inspiration and I derive it from so many different sources. The world fascinates me, its a powerful tool for inspiration.

If there were any artists out there you would love to do a music video for, who would they be and why?

Rohan:  There's two. Firstly I would love to work with Kazz Kumar. I think she is wicked. Her style is something that no other  female artist has. Especially on the Asian scene. I think we could create something magical. The second person is Skepta. The way he pieces his verses together in his songs, I know I would have a field day making his videos.
Krish: Ed Sheeran, he has modernised a scene which I grew up loving and with this style, there are no boundaries. Kanye West, he is not afraid to try anything and I love that element of fearlessness.

Where do you see Flying Solo in five years, what plans do you have?

Krish:  Directing and Producing commercial and mainstream videos on a huge scale, Global. Once people see what we can do with our ideas combined with the right resources,  we can achieve groundbreaking results.
Rohan:  I always said I want to be in America. I want to be directing music videos for mainstream artists. 2012 is all about pushing more boundaries and making that attempt to break into a more commercial scene.

Do you have any words for other budding video artists out there?

Rohan: This industry allows you to use your imagination to paint a picture so that the whole world can see your vision. If you have a passion for film, grab it with both hands and show the world what you have to offer.
Krish: Dream big and be dedicated. No-one can achieve their full potential half heartedly so give it your best shot. Be wise with your ideas and use material that inspires you as an individual because if it inspires you, imagine what it would do for others.

Article by Nardip Singh

As featured in Unfolded Magazine Issue 06


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