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Kee Artist interview, as featured in Unfolded Magazine Issue 03

Could you tell us a little about yourself? Kee I assume is short for Kiran, your first name?

Yes it is, a nickname everyone has given me, friends, family, everyone and I decided to go with that as my music name.  Keep it real and personal, which I think is important. I did not want to use an alias. I've been on the scene a few years, still relatively a new artist.  I've been working on my sound and developing as an artist.

What would you describe your sound as?

It's very pop and Hindi, a kind of fusion.

There is a little bit of Dance in there too?

I think the recent single, it's overm was very pop with a few elements of rock.  It's hard to put it in one genre.

Your first single, crazy, how did that come about?

Me and Rani Joshi (Raine Records) wanted to keep it very party, a get on the dance floor kind of feel, very generic and something everyone could relate to.  It was produced by Charles Boscoe. The second single, 'It's over', was produced by Arjun.

How far along is the Zindagi album?

It's almost complete, just need to tidy the tracks up.  There will be 10 or 12 tracks.  The singles are keeping me really busy and I'm looking at possibly an August release date.

Apart from singing, do you play any instruments?

I'm a pure vocalist; I would love to play the piano and would love to learn.

What would you describe your vocals as?

I've been told they are very soft, mellow... creamy vocals

Have you always had a passion for music growing up?

I have always sung, but I didn't believe in myself until I started writing and was encouraged by family and friends.  Hunterz and Vee, helped by giving me vocal coaching and Gabrielle (XLNC) helped me a lot also.  I think the whole industry itself, for a new person coming on to the scene, is hard to enter. I have gained a lot from networking and meeting the right people.

What can we expect from the latter half of the year, and indeed 2012, obviously pushing the album?

The main thing will be the album and hopefully a few collaborations, with Raxstar and so on.

Are there any artists of producers you would love to collaborate with?

It would be a dream come true to work with A.R.Rahman, he is just amazing, musically.  He is a one of a kind musical genius.  It would be an honour.

Do you draw on any female singers, from India or the UK, in terms of inspiration?

With me, I like a bit of everything.  My music is a fusion.  I like listening to Beyonce, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar.

In terms of any gigs or events you have covered to date, are there any that stand out?

I was really happy to do Miss India UK in London, but I'm looking forward to the Summer Mela's also, interacting with the crowds and just the whole vibe of them are great.
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