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My Fair Lady Lingerie
Interview with Rae-Emily Smith
Make-up artist: Roopali Sharma
Model: Faye Love
Words and Photography: Nardip Singh

My Fair Lady... how did that name come about?

Growing up, I used to love Audrey Hepburn films which is where the name comes from. I adore old black and white films and the whole elegant look of them.

Where do you call home at the moment?

I live in the Isle of Sheppy in Kent, but currently studying at DeMontford university, where I am studying contour fashion designing underwear, corsetry.

Could you briefly describe some of the pieces you have brought to the studio today?

The recent floral work is something I am experimenting with, a modern twist on a British classic.  The purple outfits are inspired by pictures of India, with the colour and embroidery based on an ‘Indian summer’

Talking about the design process, is it experimental, freehand or do you work a lot with templates and drawings?

It depends, sometimes I like to experiment with look, feel and touch alone to just see what will work, however most of the time I design and draw templates and cut-outs 
from which I fabricate pieces.

Are your main pursuits based around fashion or do you have any other interests?

I have a great interest in anything to do with art and secondhand books, which I love.

Do you have a favourite book?

Tall poppies by Louise Bagshawe.  I have read a lot of her books, starting with Career girls.

What is it about clothing that you love?

Just the whole expression of it.  You can leave your house dressed how you want to be and it is particularly nice when you wear something you have created yourself. I have a fond memory, when I was young, of me and a friend attempting to make a wedding dress out of a bedsheet.

How old were you, is designing clothes something you knew from an early age you wanted to do?

I think I was around 8 at the time, and we went around looking very funny.  I've got a fairly arty family, with painters and all sorts which have influenced that creative side in me.

Bit of a broad question, but what makes you happy?

Friends and family

If you hadn't fallen into fashion, what would you be doing today?

I guess photography, and possibly fashion journalism which I have an interest in.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Growing as a designer, taking part in a few catwalks.

As featured in Issue 01 of Unfolded Magazine
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