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Graffiti murals by Russian artist P183 have been showing up in and around Moscow. P183's work has cropped up on median dividers, walls, bridges and some fairly ambitious mixed media installations, with a cut-out of a girl hanging baubles on barbed wire; an enormous pair of glasses with a lamp post for an arm; hooded eyes peering eerily from over the ledge of a canal and shop doorways suddenly appearing with riot police stood behind them. At a time of change in Russia, P183 is using art to a make a playful social commentary, exploring the rich tapestry and canvas of the urban environment to create street art that explores and creates powerful visual illusions. P183's elusiveness and incorporation of the environment has drawn comparisons with Banksy, inevitably drawing more and more people to his work, however, therein the similarities with Banksy end, as P183's work has its own distinct style. According to reports P183 is a 28-year old named Pavel who studied Communicative Design... is this true? just absorb and let the art do the talking: in anonymity, we focus on the subject and less of the artists prominence.
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