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Photography and Interview: Nardip Singh
Mua and Hair: Tamash Sharkan

Born Sydney Jo-Anne Jackson, as she grew up in Handsworth, Birmingham, her "hair failed to keep the pace" and she "had little to no hair up to the age of seven" not that you could tell now, as it is as loud as her personality.  A tom boy from a young age, Sydney preferred La gear trainers to wearing beautiful dresses she says, and went to a private school, but when her family lost their money and lifestyle, it has been a hustle since then and Sydney decided to use her talents of singing, dancing and acting to achieve her goals. Commercial modelling has enabled her to work with a variety of clients, such as Berghaus, Adidas, Wonderbra, Mac and Kanye West to name but a few and is currently in the process of becoming a pop star, working on a new Brit flick called Krish and Lee, along with presenting online for T4. With such a wide variety or activities and interests and a hectic lifestyle, we asked Sydney... where do you find the energy from?

I generally find energy from this mad obsession I have with wanting to be successful and I think part of it boils down to the house I had while growing up and the life I used to have, and to have that taken away in an instant, makes you long for it all again if not on a bigger scale! I also used to be really awkward looking with big gappy teeth and a red afro so I was always battling to be accepted and trust me once the money runs out you see who your true friends are! So every morning when I wake up, even on the bad days,  I just think that I've been given the opportunity to live and breathe and so I best get my butt out there and do something that one day I can look back on

Describe your life or work in six words?

Intense, fast, bombastic, motivating, resilient and exciting

Growing up, what music and films were you obsessed with?

Music is my passion I love it all, like seriously it all!! Growing up Nenah Cherry and that Buffalo stance was always a good one to practise a two step to! Obviously Michael Jackson was my life!! I had the cut out in my room and all his records stuck to me door! My main love was The Spice Girls they saved me from a life of madness, cause instead of going out to cause mayhem on the streets, I'd wanna hold parties where me and me mates could do our own concert dressed as our fave spice!

Name something you love, and why?

It sounds wak but it's gotta be my Mama, I could lose everything tomorrow and wouldn't care but this woman has my heart and soul. Without the stability she has provided me with, I honestly am not too sure where I'd be or if I'd even still be here!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I don't really take advice, I think life's lessons teach you a lot and I am the kind of person to do what I feel at the time. However doing that has it's repercussions so I guess, you just have to follow your instinct ... that's kind of advice right?!

Your favourite building?

Ummm me house ... cause i can just come in it and dance about naked

What do you think of current fashion trends, what do you see on the high street that makes you go wow?

Current trends that I'm interested in are all upcoming stores such as Year Zero and KTZ, they do some crazy pieces where they bring in designers and flog their stuff for them.  I got this wicked Top recently from KTZ with a big monster face on it and the eyes are where the boobs go .... it's so out there! I like anything loud and a little abstract

What are you wearing right now?

At this precise moment as I write this I'm rocking a Primark enhance your cup size by 2 sizes blue leopard print bra (this sounds like one of them sex chat lines don't it!) and a pair of boxers .... I'm not sure who they belong to think they're me house mates I just found em this morning and thought yeah they'll do!

Your favourite sweet?

Chocolate. end of!

What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

There's been so many!!!!!!!!!!!! but it's probably something along the lines of being in the gym and having my pants split....

Whats in your handbag?

What is not in my handbag... I have things that don't even belong to me ... I'm like Mary Poppins I swear, I walk lop sided due to what's in me bag ...    already off the top of me head I know currently there is

3 lip sticks
eye shadow brush
tooth paste
safety pins
chewing gum
one fake nail
Duracell battery

What are you working on currently?

At present I just recorded a video for a song I wrote called London Streets that will be on YouTube later on this month. I'm also doing the Brit flick Krish and Lee and I'm writing songs for Geri Halliwell's new pop band she's made. Modelling wise I'm working on a fashion show with a company
called Stylo who I run the UK division for, and we recently had a show in London, 11th July for Jimmy Choo.

What does the future hold for you, what plans in the remainder of 2012 and beyond?

Little bit of world domination would be great!! along with love and happiness :-)

As featured in Unfolded Magazine Issue 09


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