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Tiger Lilly InterviewWords and Photography: Nardip Singh

Where did your name originate from?

It was a nickname when I was at school.  At the time I used to write songs and friends said I looked like a character from Peter Pan, so took it as my song writing name.

When did you start making music?

I started writing lyrics from the age of about 11, it was a form of therapy when I was being bullied at school and had troubles at home.  I used to write in my diary, whilst listening to Guns n Roses and Nirvana, also writing poetry which morphed into lyrics.  I didn't do anything with the lyrics until about 18 months ago, which was the turning point.

How would you describe your music style and how has it evolved over time?

It started off as acoustic, just me and my guitar, and then it took a rocky edge and got quite poppy.  So acoustic pop rock, with a twist of lemon [laughs].  In terms of how my music has evolved, well I guess it has got stronger as I've raised my profile, which has given me more confidence in my voice.

Of your recent events and gigs, which have been most memorable?

The music video launch of 'Affair' went really well.  The video concept was about having lots of affairs, its quite decadent, opulent, raunchy and provoking.

How would you describe your clothing style, are there any particular stores or designers you adore?

I don’t really shop in high street stores anymore, I love Anoosh, there is no one out there like him and also Kevin from Renaissance in Brighton who did all the garments for my music video, which everyone has been raving about.  Not least forgetting, Victoria Eisermann from Victoria's Boutique, who clothed me and a few others for the 'Affair' launch at Mary Janes in Aldgate.

The 'reflections' album was released this year in March, could you tell us a little more about it and in particular, the album cover?

The hedges and the maze pictures, and indeed the whole sound of the album, is all about every single situation I felt I had to get off my chest: life is like a maze, it can be complicated at times.  I'm a big Tim Burton fan, so we wanted pictures of me getting lost, a bit like an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Where can people listen to it?

You can get it from my website,, cdbaby and on iTunes.  We want to start tackling the official charts. I treat myself as a business, when you are self managing you have to view yourself as a product.

What has 2011 got in store for you?

Global domination and take my music forward.

Finally, what words of wisdom do you have for anyone looking to sing and make an album?

Keep really focused on what your goal is and have an unwavering faith. Believe in yourself, be determined and persevere.  They are key to achieving those goals. 
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